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The runs can change or be canceled. Please check the run schedule periodically or contact us.


Any non-club member interested in joining us on a club run can contact us for meeting time and location, print our guest waiver, and bring to run location.  Non-club members must follow ALL CLUB RULES AND HAVE ALL REQUIRED EQUIPMENT to join us on a club run. 

Below is a list of required equipment- NO EXCEPTIONS.


                                                          - Fire extinguisher in proper working condition

                                                          - Roll Bar and/or Hard Top

                                                          - Seat Belts for Each Passenger

                                                          - Spare tire, lug wrench, and jack to fit vehicle   

                                                          - Tow hooks front and rear

                                                          - Tow Strap

                                                          - VHF Radio 151.880 Mhz or CB Ch10 for communication

                                                          - First aid kit




Run Schedule

** Denotes Recent Schedule Change

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Red Canyon Adopt-a-Trail & Hotel California

March 29, 2020


Everyone Welcome

Meet at Cottonwood Springs Rd/Box Canyon Rd on I-10 at 8:00 am

Led by Kevin R.  Class 2

** Old Mojave Road 

April 5-8, 2020 (Note Date Change)


Members and Invited Guests Only

4 days on the trail and will be led by Bert. Class 2 with a possible 30" deep water crossing.
Camping will be at camp areas selected by Bert.
For those who wish not to camp, Needles and  State Line have hotels.

The Mojave Road is one of the best known and most diverse overland routes in the United States. Like most western tracks, it was established by Native Americans and used as a footpath for travel long before Europeans arrived to map it. In 1776 the first documented crossing was completed by Francisco Garcés, a missionary on Juan Bautista de Anza’s expedition to California. Over the coming centuries the road would transform into a supply route, making way for wagons, equipment, and rail lines heading to California.


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